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The LIHPS provides specialised support services for Luxembourg's elite athletes and promotes the transfer of knowledge to Luxembourg’s sport institutions to support them in their quest for excellence.

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We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals from all areas related to sports performance and support elite athletes and their coaches in their pursuit of international sporting success.

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  • In these challenging times we are often asked by athletes what they should pay attention to. Regarding the general risk of becoming infected with respiratory pathogens like the corona virus, you will find some key strategies to limit the risk […]

  • This week Mandy Minella had her first training session on the SpeedCourt at the HPTRC at D’Coque – Centre National Sportif et Culturel. The SpeedCourt Training offers optimal conditions for the promotion of cognitive and motor speed aspects: Reactive agility, multidirectional speed, cognitive […]

  • Today, Fabienne Schaus and Arthur Kluckers (Fédération du Sport Cycliste Luxembourgeois) underwent a physiological retest in the LIHPS lab at D’Coque – Centre National Sportif et Culturel to reevaluate their performance after the beginning of the season. Good luck for the next races! #lihps #teamletzebuerg #letsmakeithappen

  • This morning, Charel Grethen (Fédération Luxembourgeoise d’Athlétisme – FLA) was on the track at D’Coque – Centre National Sportif et Culturel for his running lactate test to get ready for the final qualification period for the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Good Luck Charel! #lihps #teamletzebuerg #letsmakeithappen

  • Our next lecture will be on dietary supplements and elite athletes with Prof Asker Jeukendrup (Loughborough University), nutritionist and exercise physiologist for many elite athletes and teams as well as member of the IOC sports nutrition advisory board. Entrance is […]

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